Celebrating Your First Valentine´s Day Together

On your first Valentines Day together you should do your best to create traditions that will last throughout your relationship. This may include simple things, like you always waking your lover up with breakfast in bed or buying him/her the hottest new lingerie on the market. However, it could also mean something more sentimental like offering love letters and poetry or handmade gifts to show how much you care. Whatever you decide to do you will want to make sure your first Valentines Day is the first of many happy ones to come.

Special Traditions
Many people already have special traditions when it comes to holidays such as Valentines Day. Ask your lover if they have any special traditions when it comes to this holiday so that you can include them in your celebration. If they do not have any, suggest making some together. This is a great couple's activity and will set the tone for other holidays that you celebrate for the first time, together.

Special traditions can be quite normal so it really boils down to how you will want to celebrate the holiday. You might decide to always go away for a few days so you can enjoy each other's company in paradise. Other special traditions might mean you take off work early and spend the evening in bed, you go out dancing, take in dinner and a movie, or you roleplay as people you do not get to be every day. You can make anything you want a tradition. In the end, it will be what works for you and your lover.

Creating New Traditions
While you might have your own Valentine traditions you should always make room for some with your lover. The tradition you have does not need to be elaborate, but it's important to share something special with the person you love. You might say your Valentines tradition is to only buy things we can use together. The options here are endless but you could end up with some pretty interesting gifts on Valentines Day.

Couples who are into racier types of romance might enjoy a new Valentines challenge ever year. For instance, one year you might go on a trip and decide to join the Mile High Club. Another year you might sneak away in public for a hidden tryst (or try). You might even set a lovemaking goal to see how much you can accomplish in a set amount of hours. These ideas are bound to make Valentines much more interesting for a couple that is looking for more intimate action.

Be Open to New Things
Suggest things you might want to do or experience with your lover on Valentines Day and have him/her do the same. You should be open to at least considering new ideas during this time if it seems like something that they might be interested in. You might not want to try everything but you may end up liking some of the things they suggest. The important thing is to be honest during this time.

You should not just reject your lover's ideas. If there is a reason why you are not interested in one of their ideas you should be upfront and tell them. This allows them to get to know you better and ensures that future holiday Valentines Day events are more suitable to your needs, wants, and/or desires.

(Author Shayla Moore)

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